Starting in September


We know this is a strange time to be thinking about a new school in September.

But we are really looking forward to the day you can walk through our doors and start your journey with us!

Online Help

We wanted to invite you in for some activities to help you feel ready for the new school year.

But in case we aren’t able to do that, we wanted to recreate that as much as possible online.

What will I need to wear on my first day?

You should come in in your new fleece and tie with trousers or skirt.

If you’ve ordered a Pathway Hoodie you can wear that on your pathway day – but please don’t wear it on other school days.

We will give out your specialist kit over the first few days.


For a start, we know that you and your parents will have lots of questions.

So please scroll down to find the answers and information you need.

What uniform do I need and how do I get it?

We have a special page for all those details.

Click for Uniform Page

When will I get to know my pathway days?

You will get your timetable on your first day along with your planner so that you can write it in.

Here’s when the pathways are running in the different year groups…

What’s in a Y10 week?

On Mon, Tue and Fri, you’ll have English, Maths & Science plus an option subject.

On Wed and Thu you’ll do your Pathway/s and other options.

Every other Tues, it’s PD, period 2.

What’s in a week for Y12?

Mon & Fri are your Pathway days, with A-level subjects on the remaining days.

You’ll also have study periods and we’ll work with you individually to plan what you are going to do.

It will be a mix of study, community volunteering, work experience and even driving lessons!

Will I have a Form?

Yes – we call them CREATE Teams & your tutor is a ‘Learning Coach’.

They’ll register you at 8.40 and 2.15.

Where will I register?

All CREATE Teams for Year 10 and 11 are in the QEStudio Building.

Some Sixth Form CREATE Teams will register on the QES site.

There will be 4 CREATE Teams in Year 10 and two in Year 12, we think.

What is a CREATE Team for?

CREATE Team time is just as  important as lesson time.

Your Learning Coach will help you develop the skillset and mindset of what we call ‘creative professionals’.

That’s our way of saying how we help QEStudio students to get ready for the world of work.

For us, that’s a key part of our aim to do school ‘differently’.

What will I do in CREATE Team time?

Your Learning Coach will make sure you’re ready for the day ahead, such as having the right equipment and uniform, as well as doing activities such as…


Coaching on progress

PD reflection

Everyday Reviewing

Employability skills using CREATE

Debates on current affairs

Careers advice & guidance

Where will I go on the first day?

Just come straight into the building.

We’ll be around to help you find your way to Café Studio!

Your Learning Coach will then meet you to take you to your team’s base.

When is our first day?

We will confirm these dates later this term, once final plans are in place for September.

What will we do on the first day?

You will start by meeting-up with your Learning Coach along with the rest of your CREATE Team.

You will also have a guided tour around the building so you feel at home.

And we’ll have special sessions to help you settle back in school.

What about Break & Lunch?

You can stay in QEStudio and get something to eat and drink in CafeStudio.

Our special menu is very popular, although you can also have a packed lunch.

What about meeting friends?

Eventually you’ll work out where best to meet your friends.

Friends from QES can come to CafeStudio, or you can go to CafeQ.

Sixth formers can also go to Café6.

Next Steps…

Have a look at our page on how we do things in QEStudio – or what we call our school ‘culture’.

Then check-out the page on Learning for links to materials for each Pathway.