A Growing Network

Working with Professional Partners is a big part of our pledge to ‘do school differently’.

Employer Engagement is essentially about ‘bridging the gap’ between school life and the world of work by utilising the expertise of our Professional Partners through engagement opportunities with our students.

We believe young people deserve the most from their education and allowing them to have regular direct access to a wide range of industries enables them to fully explore the variety of career options available.

By creating opportunities for discussion with employers in a variety of settings, we are enabling students to become better informed and have conversations they wouldn’t normally have access to, opening up a world of possibilities.

We are hugely fortunate in having a growing network of Professional Partners, where we aim to work flexibly to find opportunities that bring benefits all-round, especially to our students.

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Employer Engagement & Professional Partners

Here’s what QEStudio is really all about…

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A snapshot of just some of our Key Professional Partners..

Employer Engagement Guide

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One of the core aims of QEStudio is to give students the very best advice about future options, such as going into an apprenticeship,  or going to college or university.  The Careers and Employer Engagement team work in close collaboration to stage a wide range of events throughout the school year, utilising the expertise of our Professional Partners in industry.   Please click here to find out more about our Careers Hub.