Atkinson Vos Visit

Atkinson Vos are firm believers in the value of apprenticeships as a route to a successful career and so were happy to host our Year 10 Engineering students on a site visit.

AV staff were kind enough to give-up their time to show our students around their workshops, offering an insight into the amazing technology behind the iconic Unimog vehicles.

“We we were very impressed with their knowledge,” Tweeted AV afterwards. “So we look forward to welcoming the School for future visits.”

Earlier in the autumn term, we were also delighted to welcome AV to our Apprenticeship Evening, where the company could explain their global success story to students and parents.

Engineering students visiting Atkinson Vos

On their visit to Atkinson Vos in Bentham, our group of Engineering students  learnt about mechanical advantages of pulleys & gears. The students were lucky to be given a ‘hands on’ experience and workshop tour, where they learnt about the incredible Unimog vehicles first hand from the company’s skilled mechanics. The visit is a great example of how supportive local employers can give our students a unique window on the world of work – and maybe inspire the next generation of engineering talent!

Atkinson Vos are a great provider of apprenticeships and contact the school when they have vacancies of interest.  This means we are able to target students interested in a particular field, whether that’s in business administration or engineering.

Atkinson Vos is the world’s leading specialist in Unimogs, the iconic all-terrain vehicles manufactured by Mercedes-Benz.

Established in 1978 in Bentham, not far from Kirby Lonsdale, Atkinson Vos has exported custom and specialist Unimog vehicles to almost every country on Earth.

The company has a reputation for outstanding service and unparalleled industry expertise for all things Unimog!

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