Performing Arts

Dance, Drama & Musical Theatre L2 & L3

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Pick this Performing Arts pathway if you want to develop the necessary technical, practical and interpretive performance skills in Dance, Drama and Musical Theatre through regular workshops, classes and exercises to help you succeed when performing live to an audience.
Links with professional partners will include various professionals within the theatre industry coming into school to run workshops and offer hands-on experience to help you develop your technical skills and improve your performance skills.
Performing Arts is available as a Level 2 pathway, which students complete in Years 10 and 11, plus a Level 3 pathway, which is undertaken in Sixth Form.  So there is a clear progression, right from when students pick their options in Year 9 for anyone keen on dance.
All our Performing Arts pathways will allow students to explore the local arts sector, such as by inviting community groups to be part of target audiences and building links with feeder primary schools to help create future audiences in our local area.
Plus points for the Performing Arts pathway include having extra time to spend developing new and exciting work, while coordinating rehearsals and preparing performances, alongside learning about the Theatre industry and its various components.
In terms of future directions, this pathway will prepare you for performing in a wide range of performances and developing relevant skills for progression to roles such as actor, dancer, singer, choreographer, community artist or teacher as well as to further study.