Fashion & Textiles

Level 2 Pathway

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Level 2 (Year 10) Pathway Details (PDF)

Quick Summary

Pick the Fashion & Textiles pathway if you want the freedom to develop your creativity by designing and making original textiles products.
Our professional partners on this pathway will usually be practitioners who’ll give students an insight into a wide range of career possibilities in this exciting sector.
Fashion & Textiles is a Level 2 Pathway, which means you can start in Year 10 and finish in Year 11, but it leads into Sixth Form courses, such as A-level Design & Technology – Fashion & Textiles.
For local links in this Pathway, we are seeking to build on our relationships with specialists who work for larger businesses in the fashion sector, as well as smaller scale independent professionals.
Plus points for Fashion & Textiles include doing ‘hands on’ projects such as ‘bite sized’ projects in Year 10 that lead to an extended project in Year 11 to showcase your skills.
In terms of future directions, this pathway leads into a variety of career options within the fashion and textiles industry, such as retail and marketing, as well as fashion design.