Art & Design

Level 2 & 3 Pathway

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Pick the Art & Design pathway if you want to spend a whole day creating original & innovative work and experimenting in 3D fomats such as sculpture, ceramics and set props, using materials including wood, plaster and metal.
Our professional partners on this pathway will usually be practicing artists who will be involved in practical projects, such as setting special ‘briefs’ and bringing their experience to help students learn about ‘real life’ art professions.
Art & Design is available as a Level 2 Pathway, which means you complete it during Years 10 and 11, and a Level 3 Pathway in Sixth Form.
For local links in this Pathway, we are seeking to build on our relationships with organisations such as artists and gallery owners to bring different perspectives into our creative work.
Plus points for Art & Design include more of a focus on working with your hands to create 3D work, using state-of-the-art facilities including access to PC and Mac suites.
In terms of future directions, this pathway leads into a variety of career options in areas such as state props, furniture design, fashion and architecture – to name but a few!