Level 3 Pathway

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Pick the Criminology pathway if you want to examine the myths and realities of crime and investigate what crimes people are more or less likely to commit and why.
Our professional partners on this pathway will include representatives from the Police Service, victim support organisations, the Probation Service and the National Crime Agency.
Criminology is a Level 3 Pathway so you study this in Sixth Form and you would study this specialism on one whole day each week to give us time to really get to grips with these issues in society.
For local links in this Pathway, we’ll also work with victim support organisations, as well as charitable organisations including Homeless Action, to give students a wider perspective on issues surrounding crime.
Plus points for Criminology include the fact that this specialism will enable the student to consider theories across several disciplines, such as Sociology and Psychology and will give in-depth experiences into the workings of the Court and Prison System.
In terms of future directions, this qualification is a route onto degree courses, social science disciplines such as Criminology, Sociology and Social Policy, or workplace environments with law firms or charities and the public sector, including Social Work, the Police Force and Prison System.