Extra Support for Year 11

We need a team effort through to the summer!

Support in School

Academic Review

All Year 11 students have self-assessed their recent progress using a special Academic Review booklet, with the aim of finding small next steps for improvement.

Study Habits

All Year 11 students are also spending one registration each week doing activities to develop their study habits, such as on school nights when they have ‘no homework’ so can review old topics to help them ‘stick’.

Revision Guides

Click the image below to view a list of recommended revision guides for all subjects (PDF).

Lunch 'Clinics'

Click the image below to view a list of lunchtime ‘clinics’ where students can get extra help for all subjects (PDF).

Maths Help

Click the image below to view a list of steps being taken by our Maths department to give extra support to students (PDF).


Click the image below to view a sample Tracker that will next be updated at Christmas for all students in Year 11.

Support at Home

Tips on Parent Support

Click the image below to open the ‘Inner Drive’ website that offers some practical tips for parents to support students at home.

Study Habits

Click the image below to open a sheet for agreeing slots for school work as part of a ‘study deal’ to help avoid arguments – hopefully!

We’d recommend using this ‘schedule’ sheet to achieve a healthy work/life balance by agreeing slots for schoolwork alongside all the really important stuff, such as time with family & friends plus time for exercise and activities as well as ‘downtime’.