We’ve recently contacted all parents via email with news of our updated behaviour policy, which is the result of several months of work with  our staff and students.

We wanted to reframe our approach to managing behaviour so that it emphasises the importance of respect, outlines our high expectations for behaviour in our classrooms and sets out clear and consistent responses to different levels of inappropriate behaviour.

Please use the links on the right to access the new policy, as well as a shorter ‘guide’ for parents.

We’ve put an emphasis on recognising positive behaviour and students have already told us they like that. We have been looking at the data very carefully over the past month and can see that our system of reminding pupils about expectations and consequences is helping them to make the right choices and stay positive about their learning. We’ll keep the whole thing under very close scrutiny and let you know in a few more weeks how it’s going.

It’s definitely a work in progress with staff and students telling us what’s helpful and what we need to tweak and we’d like you to be part of that ongoing consultation too so do let us know your thoughts and ideas as well.

Some of our students have accumulated enough “strikes” or behaviour logs to mean that we need to get in touch with parents to let them know and put in some interventions so some parents will have received emails or phone calls to discuss individual students. These contacts are the “nipping things in the bud” part of our strategy and are meant to be helpful communications to prevent escalation and get students on track as soon as we can.

We know that with your support and understanding, our staff team can ensure that all of our students can achieve their potential and have great futures. It’s what we come to work to do every day. So we hope you like the look of what we’re implementing around behaviour and feel able to join us in upholding the highest possible standards for all our students.

Alison Wilkinson FCCT
Principal of QEStudio School