Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs for students & parents

Lot of questions!

QEStudio is a very new and different kind of school and so we appreciate that students and parents will have lots of questions!

To respond to your queries,  we will update this page with new information as the year goes on.

About QEStudio

How do I apply?

Our first students started in September 2017.

And we have already started the applications process for students wanting to go into Year 10 or Year 12 in September 2019.

For a full timeline for applications, click here.

For students in Year 9, click here for more details on applications.

For students in Year 11, click here for more details on applications.

What will the students be doing ?

Students in Year 10

Students will follow their personal Learning Package that has three parts: (1) Specialist Pathway; (2) Core GCSEs; (3) Extra Options.

With their Specialist Pathway,  a student will typically spend a whole day each week taught by a team of expert teachers who will be joined by professionals from that sector quite a lot of the time.

The technical qualification at the heart of each of these ‘Level 2’ Specialist Pathways will be delivered through formal teaching as well as practical project work with real outcomes.

Each Specialist Pathway will also include additional qualifications and skills so that, as students experience real-life work scenarios, they can learn how businesses work.

With Core GCSEs, our students will all study the core curriculum of Maths, English Language & Literature plus Science as a ‘double award’.

With Extra Options, students will study to add up to 3 more GCSEs to their curriculum.

For more details on applications and Learning Packages, click here.  For details on each Specialist Pathway, see the links at the top of the screen.  For details on additional skills and qualifications, click here.

Students in Sixth Form

Students will follow their personal Learning Package that has two main parts: (1) Specialist Pathway; (2) A-Level Options.

Students will study the Specialist Pathway at the higher ‘Level 3’ and so with more time devoted to it.  They will have at least one full day each week on it, as well as additional part days.

There is enough time devoted to the specialism to allow students to achieve additional professional qualifications that are desirable to employers, for example Health and Safety in the workplace or Safeguarding.

The development of the skills and aptitudes needed for employment or successful further study are based on a skills framework called CREATE.  For more details on these extra skills, click here.

With A-level Options, students will study to add up to 2 more subjects to their curriculum.

For more details on applications and Learning Packages for Sixth Formers, click here.  For details on each Specialist Pathway, see the links at the top of the screen.  For details on additional skills and qualifications, click here.


Will the curriculum enable me to continue to higher education?


KS4 students will have a completely open choice at the end of year 11: A levels in the QES sixth form or another sixth form, continue into QEStudio Sixth Form, go to college, start an apprenticeship or enter the work place.

Post-16 students will be able to access advanced apprenticeships, employment or further or higher education.  Our students will have the combination of Technical qualifications and A levels that many of our universities already like.  Universities are very interested in what we are doing because many of them are developing degree apprenticeships to respond to the need to produce employable graduates.  Lancaster University are working with us on this.

Universities are used to these alternative qualifications and they qualify for the following UCAS Tariff points in applications.

Level 3 Technical Qualifications A levels
Result Tariff Points Result Tariff Points
Distinction* 56 A* 56
Distinction 48 A 48
B 40
Merit 32 C 32
D 24
Pass 16 E 16

Will the QEStudio be part of QES?

QEStudio is a new school being set up by QES who is its sponsor academy.

It will have its own identity and uniform and construction will soon start on its own building.

It will however be led and staffed by QES staff, many of whom will teach in both QES and QEStudio.

It will be on the same site as QES and its students will have access to its facilities, its extra-curricular provision and its wider network of support. Importantly, it will also have the QES values at the heart of its philosophy and adhere to the same high QES standards of Scholarship and Care that have served us well for the last 425 years.

For more details About QEStudio and all these changes, click here.

A different uniform?

Of course!

Our focus at QEStudio is on the work place and so students will  uphold professional standards.

So on their Specialist Pathway days, students will have specially branded professional wear, such as health care tunics or outdoor gear, and these items will be provided ‘free’ by QEStudio.

For their ‘normal’ days, students will wear a smart uniform supplied by our retailer, Monkhouse.

For more details on uniform, click here.

Will we have a form tutor?

Yes – but things will be a bit different, as you’d expect with QEStudio!

So in ‘form time’, students will be organised in teams of mixed ages led by a Learning Coach who will make sure you have all you need to succeed.

Having a mix of ages in years 10 to 13 will enable students to help each other, such as by sharing different experiences and perspectives.

And your Learning Coach will look out for you, make sure you’re on track with your learning and with your development and give you access to advice about your career.

They will also deliver key parts of the PSHE or PD programme to you during a weekly session.

How do I get there?

The programmes offered by QEStudio are unique within our catchment area. Delivering them on site at QES ensures the full range of existing transport links remain accessible to our students. We expect existing transport provision will ensure that these unique programmes are accessible to pupils from every part of our wider community.

As a QEStudio student you will need to make an application for a bus pass before you start. Please see contact numbers below.

Cumbria: 01228 226044

Lancashire: 01772 534588

Yorkshire: 01609 534954 or 536203

We are committed to ensuring that concerns about transport do not prohibit access to our programmes for students throughout the area for which Kirkby Lonsdale acts as a hub and service centre. We are therefore committed to facilitating transport where current services are insufficient.

Please do contact us if you have any queries.

Key Dates

Thursday, 23 August 2018

GCSE Results – All Students enrol at QEStudio. For more details about Results Day, click here.


Tuesday, 4 September 2018

Inductions for Year 10 and 12


Timeline for Year

For a full timeline for the next 12 months, click here.