Work Experience

6-10 July 2020

What is Work Experience?

The QEStudio School Work Experience Programme is focused on Year 10 students, who all do a one week placement at the start of July.

We see Work Experience as a hugely valuable part of  helping students become more aware of the world of work, while also developing their employability skills.

In Year 10, we do want our students to organise their own placements to encourage their  independence, with help from parents – and students can always ask their Learning Coach or Mrs Harrison for extra guidance

But work experience placements are open to all our older students, especially sixth formers, and we encourage all students to take opportunities for varied lengths of time and throughout the academic year.

Year 10’s week in the world of work!

Students gain a huge amount from their week of Work Experience, especially the students who’ve taken care to find a placement that suits their interests, or fits their plans for the future. We are immensely proud of our students’ attitude while on Work Experience, with the overwhelming majority receiving very positive feedback from employers. Huge thanks to all the organisations who continue to offer placements as a real investment in our future workforce!