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Flexibility for Sixth Form

QEStudio for Sixth Form suits students who want something more flexible than traditional A-levels but who still want a route to higher education, apprenticeships or employment.

Qualifications have been revolutionised recently, including the A-Level years – or what is now called ‘Level 3’.

So these graphics hopefully help to show how you should think of options as creating your personal ‘Learning Package’.

Our Learning Packages for Level 3 are based on ‘Specialist Pathways’ that give ‘technical’ learning delivered one whole day a week with ┬áprofessional partners as well as teachers.

But Learning Packages also allow students to include ‘academic’ learning by picking two additional A-levels as options.

That means students get the best of both worlds from QEStudio and QES.

Do you have Leadership Skills?

If you would like to be part of our new Senior Student Leadership Team, complete the form below and become part of the future of QEStudio.

What’s in a Learning Package for Sixth Form?

For more on each Pathway, please use links on right. For more on A-Level & EPQ options, see links at bottom of page.

Entry Requirements

QEStudio Entry Requirements

Application Forms

Once you have picked your Learning Package, please download & complete both these forms.

Specialist Pathways for Level 3

Whole Day A Week

Please Note: This is just an example and some students might have Thursday or Friday as their Specialist Pathway day.

Planning Your Future

We’ll help you find the best Learning Package to give you the most flexible plan for your future

Options Subjects

QEStudio students typically pick a Pathyway plus two A-levels and possibly an EPQ – but we are flexible and will always discuss your personal needs

Please note classes may contain both QEStudio and QES students

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